Sunday, February 20, 2011


Tried to crank this one out in one session. Couldn't do it. Had to sleep on it a night :).

Two Hour Mindblobs

I'll keep this post as an ongoing thread of mechs. These were frustrating to paint today, because photoshop brushsets have glitched out on me. I've restarted my computer, checked tablet functions, and even re-installed photoshop. Every sequential brush stroke resets it's transfer parameters to "pen pressure". Very annoying since I never work with pen pressure checked on. It refuses to let me work the way I like. :\

Email me if you have a possible solution and I'll promise to post more art! lol


Bmaty said...

When the brushes are the way they should be, try resaving your brush palette. Also your brush palette might be buggy, Ive heard of that happening. You can also try individually saving a different version of the brushes you use without pen pressure checked and see if that sticks.

Kenji Bliss said...

Dude great work man and the previous post also has some really great designs and compositions. Go Eric mode!

--Becky Sinclair said...

Beautiful work! Such a great mix of painterly and clean lines. If you do some more it would be cool to give them a tattoo with the pilots lady luck painted on the side.

Look'n forward to more "mind blobs."

Tai Chen said...


Simon Scales said...

Really nice stuff man!!